Portraits reconsidered: Changing the corporate headshot

After a number of very standard portrait shoots lately, we have begun to rethink the way we approach our clients when they require a business portrait. These basic and plain head shots may be a necessity for large companies or graphic design purposes, however, more natural portraits may be achieved on location with the use of minimal equipment and fuss.

Creative portraits are a great way to give the sitter more personality ( which often reflects the personality of the company) and they appear approachable in a flattering, natural setting. Plus, we really enjoy shooting them! Locations may be as simple as your local coffee shop, or a great garden.

The next tie you are considering a corporate headshot for your company, keep the following in mind:

  • What kind of personality does my brand or company portray? 
  • How can my portrait/s enhance my branding, or the way people perceive my company?
  • Does my portrait need to be applied to graphic design content in a particular way?
  • Considering these things will help your business to stand out, and create a lasting first impression.

To book your creative portrait session or have a chat, contact our team.