Drone Services Australia-wide

OK Media Group are digital media, aviation, drone and aerial photography professionals. We use cutting edge remotely piloted aircraft (drones, RPA's, UAV's UAS's) to capture High Definition Video and Photography.

We work with clients across a variety of industries, including advertising and marketing, sports and entertainment, mining, real estate and tourism, and TV and film. The application and scope of the use of drones is growing every day.

We combine the latest technologies in drone aviation and video capture. We are fully licensed to fly under the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and work closely with our clients to achieve the shots that others can't.

Being a full service content marketing agency, not only do we have licensed expert drone pilots, but our team also consists of professional photographers, videographers, retouchers, animators and video editors.  This shows through in our end product, as we achieve angles, lighting and a creative approach that separates us from the pack.


Drone Real Estate Marketing

Drone videos for Residential Property

OK Media Group work with a number of real estate clients on a regular basis to create amazing drone videos for real estate agents. Our drone videos sell houses and are the perfect sales tool to any real estate marketing strategy, especially when interstate or international clients are targeted. We understand the fast paced environment of real estate and property marketing therefore our videos are edited and ready for release within 48 hours of shooting.

Drone videos for Rural Property

Drone aerial photography is a great way to show land size, vast landscapes and the arrangement of the natural and artificial physical features of an area. It’s also a great way to outline a site’s development potential.


Commercial Property Drones

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Drone videos for Commercial Property

Drone photography is now a must for commercial properties and commercial real estate agencies.  It’s the best way to show property size and infrastructure, including roads, transport, location and development potential.

Drone videos for Developers

Drones have revolutionised multi-story property development. Drones can capture photos or footage that illustrates what views will look like from upper floors and windows of a project before it has even been built. We can also liaise with your 3D Modelling team to combine your photorealistic 3D renders with our content so potential buyers can see exactly how it will look. This is a fantastic sales tool for off the plan developers.

Drone videos for Architects

Drone video has allowed architects to showcase the design and aesthetics of a building from above to highlight key elements in there final, built form. During the design process, architects can view a building site and surrounds from above to help express and analyse form, function and circulation. This can help inform certain design features or decisions.

Drone videos for Government

Drones offer the ability for government agencies to monitor state or federally funded construction progress from unique angles. This provides decision makers with a greater sense of scale and environment than previously possible from ground based photography alone.


Event Drones


Drone videos for Festivals and Stadium Events

Drone videos of stadiums and festivals look amazing from above. No longer are we restricted to cranes for video footage. We can capture a whole lot more of a festival with a drone and can fly as close as 30m to the crowd.

Drone videos for Action Sports

Best shot with our Octocopter or Quadcopter, we can shoot super fast moving objects like race cars, or slow the drone footage right down to 96fps. This flexibility allows us to never miss any of the action.

Drone videos for Entertainment

Not only can we shoot drone footage from above. It can be HD and live footage as well. Our filming capabilities are up to a 1080p feed live straight to an audience or broadcast channel.


Mining Drones


Drones for Asset Inspection

Through the use of drone photography and video construction site ground teams are able to quickly get a close up view of hard to reach assets more safely and at a lower cost. This provides access to more accurate and up to the minute inspection data, significantly reducing costly downtime.

Drones for Site Surveillance

Drones can monitor large mining and construction sites, previously a costly and time consuming exercise. Drones are now replacing or complementing existing solutions and acting as the eye in the sky for ground teams.


Surveying Drones


Drones for Mapping and Surveying

Drones are providing access to aerial survey data at an unprecedented level. Data can now be collected faster, cheaper and more safely than ever before. All this results in more informed and ultimately bette decision making, which is based on more accurate, real time data.

Drones for Volume Calculations

Extraction and fill volumes can now more easily be determined, analysed and monitored via drone flights. This data is now more readily available and can be provided on a regular basis at a fraction of the coast then previously possible.