Content Marketing

Below is OK Media Group's approach to content marketing, which has been worked on and fine tuned time and time again to ensure we actually deliver results for our clients. 


Content Marketing Strategy

If you don't know where to start, then this is the place to start. An effective content marketing strategy defines the positioning of a brand in the marketplace and provides the framework through which your marketing decisions are made and results measured.

integrate + research + identify + develop + define.


Google Adwords

Want to be at the top of the google search and ahead of the crowd? Our Google Adwords plans are sure to take you there:

  • Research and strategy development.
  • Campaign setup, execution and management
  • Monthly reporting of campaign metrics

Facebook Advertising

Is your target market socially active? As of February 2017, Facebook had more than 1.86 billion global monthly active users. Our facebook advertising plans cover:

  • Facebook Advertising account setup
  • Campaign design, creation, and monitoring
  • Reporting on results

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great way to target a defined group (or email list), and is focused on building (customer) relationships and generating leads.

We'll help you grow your email lists and ensure that the content is getting as many 'opens' as possible.