TV Commercials Perth

OKMG blend the creativity and communication skills of an advertising agency with the technology and expertise of a production company to deliver television commercials and television media campaigns that drive sales. OKMG will work with your business to script, produce, direct, record, edit and distribute your tv commercial. Successful TV advertising only occurs when the right kind of commercial is run based on your particular product or service. This depends on things like what stage of your marketing cycle your product or service is in and your distribution and revenue models. We will work with you to determine these things to make sure your tv commercial makes you money.

30sec TVC - Woodside Social Performance - Susan's Story


Perth TV Commercial - Brand Awareness

60sec TVC - Perth Craft Beer Festival - Mexican Standoff

30sec Brand Awareness Commercial for Paul Carol Shoes

2min Brand Awareness Video - Green Goodness Co

No matter what size your company is, building brand awareness is a vital component of any tv marketing campaign. Brands like McDonalds or Coca Cola are universally recognised and as such their tv advertising campaigns only need to be quick reminders to buy the product. These global brands have only obtained this level of brand awareness by heavily investing in video and promotional content over a number of decades. They make this investment because they know that good brand awareness turns one-time visitors into repeat customers. Brand awareness commercials are all about reminding customers that your brand exists. The ultimate goal is to have consumers not only easily recognise your business as a provider of certain goods and services, but make them see your brand as and important part of their life. Brand awareness tv commercials are typically designed to reach a wide audience. They are usually 15-60 seconds in length and communicate 1-3 key messages about your brand in a tv advertising slot that is specifically suited to your target demographic.

3min 30 sec - ESSENCE Claremont - Blackburne Property Group

Perth TV Commercial - Product Benefit

1min 30 sec - Intense Health - Product Introduction

15sec Product Benefit Commercial - Matisse

30sec Product Benefit Commercial - Kindom

Television is one of the best mediums to consider for introducing a new product, showing product comparisons and explaining the benefits of your product or service. You must remember that television is a visual advertising medium. Therefore, your tv commercial needs to be able to successfully communicate what's being advertised with the sound turned down. Similarly, your script should only be considered and additional support to the visuals. If you have a good script, a viewer should be able to close their eyes and easily identify what product or service is being advertised. The visual nature TV advertising means that viewers are more likely to remember how they felt after watching your ad, as opposed to every detail of the ad. Therefore, your tv commercial needs to make viewers feel good and also feel informed, persuaded and motivated enough to buy your product or service after watching. If your product or service is new or you don't have large brand awareness, your commercial has to communicate to your target market good reasons to try it. You can demonstrate 1-3 major features or benefits in a 30 second product benefit TV commercial.

1min 45sec - Woodside Social Performance - Ethan's Story

Perth Tv Commercial - Direct Response

15sec Direct Response Commercial - Rottofest

If you sell your product through a website, your commercial needs to do more than just remind (brand awareness commercials above) or demonstrate (product benefit commercials above). It needs to deliver a sales pitch which persuades people to take action right now. For example, it may instruct viewers to call a 1800 number or go straight to your website and buy! Short form direct response television is two minutes or less in length. Long form is any direct response commercial that is longer than two minutes. DRTV was initially used to market goods and services directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler to the consumer, bypassing retail. DRTV is now also a more general advertising medium and is used by a wide range of companies, often in support of retail distribution. If you need a direct response television commercial, get in touch now to see how we can help.

1 min 53 sec -M Group - M30 Development Mindarie