Drone Operations

Drones or RPAs (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) are becoming increasingly more affordable and available to the public. Regardless of whether you are flying recreationally or commercially, it is paramount that any and all drone operations are carried out in accordance with Drone Laws in Australia.

It's not about avoiding fines, it's about safety.

OK Media Group holds a RPA Operator's Certificate (ReOC) granted by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), authorising us to commercially operate drones in Australia


Where we can operate drones

  • Lower than 120m (400ft) above ground level (AGL).
  • Further than 5.5km (3nm) from a helicopter landing or controlled aerodromes without approval.
  • During daylight, good weather and visual line-of-sight. 
  • Outside prohibited, restricted or danger (PRD) areas.
  • NOT closer than 30m from people who aren't involved in the operation.
  • NOT over populous areas such as beaches, backyard, sporting grounds (unless the risk to persons or property can be mitigated).
  • Where there's no unreasonable risk of injury/damage to persons or property.

How we mitigate risk

  • Pre-flight planning, extensive operational manuals, reconnaissance.
  • Plan operations for days & times with the least people.
  • Notify or warn people to stay indoors during operation.
  • Erection of safety cones and safety signage around pilot.
  • Asking bystanders to remain clear of our operational area.