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How Business Leaders Can Develop an Agile Leadership Mentality Within Their Organisation

According to research from Oxford Economics, if companies want to win in the digital economy they must streamline decision making and flatten their organisational structure ( Companies that prepare themselves for the digital economy by transforming their leadership modus operandi can not only achieve improved financial performance, but can also help develop the next generation […]

Web Hosting Comparison: Should I Use Shared, Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Hosting?

Web Hosting Comparison Should I Use

Web hosting is a fundamental expense that you’ll incur when operating a website. Unless you own your server — a high-end computer configured with Apache, MySQL and PHP — you must rent one from a web hosting company, which will allow you to upload and host your website’s files on their server for as long […]

What Motivates Your Team?

The English word team dates back at least into the 1550’s, when it was commonly used to refer to animals that work together under a yoke, as in oxen yoked together.  Perhaps that does not readily awaken vivid memories of life on the farm.  Nonetheless, that two massive animals bound to one another need work […]

Task Optimisation: How to Keep Your Team at its Creative Limit

Compared to the mainly repetitive and routine jobs of the past, such as digging a ditch or packing a product, most of today’s knowledge-based work is much harder to organise and optimise for efficiency. In both startups and massive corporations, the demands on creative and innovative thinking are paramount, such as in app development, web […]