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OKMG collaborates with a wide variety of people who work across a diverse landscape of brands and industry verticals. We consider our clients as partners and together we conceptualise and develop creative ideas that are disruptive, designed to create value, and make a lasting impact. Below is a selection of our latest work.

OKMG transforms companies and manufactures value by designing digital experiences that are driven by creativity and have concrete foundations in technology, data, and organisational strategy. With a team comprised of leaders, disruptors, strategists, innovators, designers, tech nerds and creatives, it only makes sense to share a snippet of our collective mind.

Guide: Feeling Disconnected from your Customers? Here’s 4 New Customer Engagement Ideas to Implement

You may be worried about online strategies not working for your business. However, there’s absolutely no harm in testing out new online customer engagement ideas and performing a time cost analysis to see if they’re suitable for your needs. Running a business has always been about adapting to survive, with the current landscape simply exacerbating […]

The Future of E-Commerce: 10 Industry Transformation Trends in 2020 and beyond

How would you like to earn a portion of the five trillion dollars generated by e-commerce? Based on data from eMarketerL, that’s how much revenue e-commerce merchants around the world will likely be generating by 2021. Online merchants who understand the global potential of e-commerce are poised to garner a slice of the evergrowing pie. […]

How Business Leaders Can Develop an Agile Leadership Mentality Within Their Organisation

According to research from Oxford Economics, if companies want to win in the digital economy they must streamline decision making and flatten their organisational structure (oxfordeconomics.com/publication/open/267392). Companies that prepare themselves for the digital economy by transforming their leadership modus operandi can not only achieve improved financial performance, but can also help develop the next generation […]

How to Create an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy That Drives Results for Your Business

How to Create an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy That Drives Results for Your Business

With the growth of the internet and digital media, businesses can no longer rely on a single channel to communicate with their customers. By adopting strategies as set out in an omnichannel marketing guide, you’ll attract more customers while providing a more seamless and enjoyable experience in the process. Read on for our omnichannel marketing […]

The Rise of Chatbot Marketing and How It Can Benefit Your Business

Man holding an iPhone and looking at a sequence of Chatbot marketing messages.

The Rise of Chatbot Marketing Last year, Google made headlines with its virtual assistant’s newest feature. Addressing a significant crowd at Google’s 2018 I/O Developers conference, CEO Sundar Pichai demonstrated how the AI assistant could make phone calls to schedule appointments and make reservations. An impressive feat in itself, what amazed the world was the […]