Blackburne: Essence Campaign

Contract Description:

Blackburne Property Group commissioned OKMG to create their campaign visuals for the lifestyle component of their newest apartment development in Claremont, WA.

The project aimed to promote the local Claremont area, showcasing local businesses, locations and activities.

Images required to be captured and delivered with a range of print and web applications in mind, including billboards, lightboxes, and newsprint.

This project required professional lifestyle imagery, candidly reflecting the ‘essence’ of the local area as a desirable place to live and visit. The campaign is light, bright and alive!
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FMG still images

Contract Timescale:

Photos shot  weeks per project. Production of first projects commenced September 2016, and projects are ongoing.

Contract Outcomes:

Campaign has just gone live. Initial sales data is indicating a positive reaction all round.