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Home is where the heart is. We connected with Camerich, recently re-named ‘Henri’, to develop a brand that breathes design, yet understands how we live amongst it.

The Henri campaign was grounded in an understanding of the customers own civic set of experiences and how each individual acts to master the art of living well.

Why were we engaged?

Camerich Perth was transitioning out of the internationally franchised furniture label, to a new localised brand, Henri. The challenge lay in seamlessly transferring the underlying values of Camerich Perth, along with the existing customer following, to a new brand image and communication approach.

Acknowledging the changing landscape of ‘mass bespoke’ design, we looked to fully understand the wide target market across Perth and what drove their purchasing decisions.

Ideas, execution and delivery

The Positioning Statement: Design Well Lived.

The Brand Pillars: All in an attempt to master living well.

Design: The art of living well

Live: The tools for living well.

Curate: What it means to live well.

In homage to the curator movement and empowered consumer, we created a brand position and campaign that connected with the way people design, live and create.

brand strategy camerich henri

These three factors have become the pillars of the Henri brand and drove our strategic approach to social media marketing and content creation. Through understanding how different audience groups behave, (from those who aspire for design to those who indulge in design), we developed a strategy for communication that resonates both online and instore.

brand strategy camerich henri


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