Construction Training Fund – Construction Futures Centre

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A trade is often an under-appreciated career. So much so that Australia will soon be in short supply if we don’t do something about it. OKMG were engaged by the Construction Training Fund as the lead creative agency to design and produce the content for the new Construction Futures Centre. How do we hero those who build our communities and inspire the next generation of future builders?


Why were we engaged?

After a rigorous tender selection process, OKMG was chosen as the sole content producer for the new Construction Futures Centre (CFC). The CFC is an interactive resource for students with cutting edge technology including VR, AR, gamification software, video and simulations. With the main objective for the centre to educate and improve perceptions surrounding trade career pathways, we knew the content created had to be immersive, dynamic and diverse. 

OKMG were uniquely equipped for this project, being able to provide an all encompassing service including production, strategy, design and marketing.

The centre was officially opened by Minister for Education and Training, HON Sue Ellery, in Belmont WA and has successfully hosted their first round of school excursion and industry visits.


Ideas, execution and delivery

Before any production took place, OKMG undertook an in-depth 8 week period of research and discovery to fully understand the shape of the broader industry and the specific values and behaviours of the target audience.

We tailored traditional storytelling techniques, in a way that engages young people and empowers them to take the first step towards a successful career in the building and construction industry. This was translated through a integration of video production, drone filming, virtual reality, copywriting, iconography and large scale photography.

Through intimate and emotive interviews, we were able to hero the diverse people that work across the industry and produce a progressive and fresh narrative for building and construction.

Since the completion of this project, OKMG have continued an ongoing relationship with the CFC, moving into marketing strategy and creation of promotional materials to increase long term awareness for the centre.



Video Production



Drone Production

Virtual Reality/360 filming


Graphic Design