The Buzz. Your guide to campus life.


Edith Cowan College (ECC) is a pathway college for Edith Cowan University. The international education market is highly competitive nationally and domestically and as such every piece of content is an opportunity for ECC to standard out from the crowd. Over the past two years, OKMG has worked closely with the marketing and communications team at ECC to produce high quality video productions, and visual content which continuously raises the benchmark on the engagement of tertiary students.

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Showcasing ‘the vibe’ on ECC’s campus in a unique way by creating approachable and enjoyable video content that the student audience actually wants to watch.

The Brief

ECC approached OKMG in early 2019 with a fun idea for a web series that they knew we could deliver on.

The request was to concept and create an episodic web series about student life on campus. The series was to be entertaining and engaging for a young international audience but still informative and approachable.

The target audience for this project was prospective students, unlike other projects which often speak directly to inbound education agents or the parents of students.

Our Approach

Concept Development. OKMG workshopped the concept with ECC to better understand the inspiration, priorities and practicalities around creating an episodic web series on campus.

Logo Creation Design. With a brilliant idea in mind, we worked with our illustrator to design a custom logo for The Buzz series. We knew that this logo was going to be the first slide on every video and was going to really set the tone for the entire series. This logo was hand drawn and then digitised for use across all channels. We also created animated versions to really step it up a notch!

Pre Production. OKMG settled on a scripted format with a regular host. We needed to cast talent that would be relatable to international students but also represented Australia as well. After an extensive casting process both OKMG and ECC agreed on Sam England for his off-beat humour and engaging personality. OKMG created a script format for all episodes to provide some consistency while still being flexible enough to explore a variety of topics and events such as Halloween, campus dining, exam stress, R U OK? Day and much more.

Production. While each episode is scripted, there’s a large component of each episode that is captured in the moment. You never know what you’re going to get in a ‘vox pop’ interview, but with a talented host like Sam and a nimble production crew, we allowed for some of the best moments captured to be natural and unplanned.

Post Production. Throughout this project we are very conscious of our audience. International taste with video content varies dramatically from region to region. What might appear corny or tacky in Australia is completely normal in Asian markets. Through the use of emojis and social media style editing techniques, we’ve been able to create punchy and dynamic episodes about subjects that might otherwise be dry.

"The Buzz’ has become a favourite among staff and students and this is thanks to the creativity of the OKMG team. They are very focused on the client and really take the time to understand the business/industry that we‘re in, to ensure the content is relevant and successful. I really enjoy working with them as they are very approachable and flexible!" - Sophie Waddell, Marketing Manager - South East Asia

Cast & Crew

  • Creative Director: Leon Downie
  • Producer / Director: Reid Smith
  • Camera Operator / Editor : Fletcher Gardiner
  • Second Camera: Michael Clark
  • Production Coordinator: Lara Stewart
  • Talent: Sam England
  • Make Up Artist: Brittany Mason
  • Logo Design & Animation: Aston Van Eldik / Josh Maddison