Helping HBF to make healthy happen.


With flu season round the corner, OKMG were engaged to help educate HBF members on how to avoid illness and explain the intricacies of their health insurance. From this initial engagement, OKMG have continued to design and build entertaining content that is true to the HBF brand and cuts through online clutter.

Creative | Animation | Design

Creative and engaging content, fit for cross platform distribution.

Customer Centric Content

OKMG’s objective was to create cut through content that resonated with members during flu season.

We designed a series of engaging branded animations that used relatable human behaviours, encouraging our audience to learn more about their cover. This messaging was supported through simple and informative infographics, empowering HBF members to make the most of their health insurance.

tooth saying hello hbf diagram
hbf phone
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Consumers enquired about membership cover in social media comments prompted by educational content.