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HIVO was built for marketing and communications professionals. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, HIVO is and intelligent, experience focussed digital asset management (DAM) system and is at the core of how digital and creative agencies work with clients, suppliers and partners.

HIVO isn’t just a system for managing files - it’s a platform built to ensure that your content, campaigns and brand create maximum impact. We aim to help brands grow in and navigate a rapidly transforming digital landscape dominated by continual advancement in social and mobile technology.

As HIVO's strategic partner, OKMG has provided value chain analysis, user experience planning, cloud infrastructure design, software engineering, user interface design, analytics and optimisation expertise.

increase in conversions by 79.97%


HIVO was initially built as a scheduling platform to manage a database of photographers and videographers, servicing clients Australia-wide. After a series of strategy workshops, including an in depth analysis of the core valuer drivers of the business and user experience planning, OKMG helped HIVO to pivot into a cutting edge digital asset management and customer experience platform.

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All cloud based web applications require a solid understanding of cloud infrastructure design that is built to allow for scale and that utilise the latest and most appropriate cloud technology available. For HIVO, this involved setting up and engineering various Amazon Web Service and Google Cloud products to create a cutting edge search engine, asset library and a custom Uber-like scheduling algorithm with built in artificial intelligence and machine learning features.

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Amazon web services, google cloud, react.js, mongoDb

Comprehensive Features

  • Highly advanced rich media engine capable of filtering by user, status, job, collection, name, tags, file type, date, colour, metadata, faces, description and more.
  • Effortless collaboration and access built to drive productivity via granular user permissions, rich commenting and approval capabilities.
  • Highly intelligent workflow features that combine job management, task allocation, time tracking and an extensive national database of communication, creative and technical professionals.
  • Australian cloud server location providing access to digital assets anytime, anywhere.
  • Backed by a cutting edge 24/7 live managed cyber security service with enterprise grade security compliance.