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HIVO was built by OKMG for marketing and communications professionals. Using AI technology to create an intelligent, custom-built digital asset management (DAM) system, which is at the core of how OKMG works with agency clients. HIVO isn’t just a system for managing files - it’s a platform built to ensure that your content, campaigns and brand create maximum impact.

We aim to help brands grow in and navigate a rapidly transforming digital landscape dominated by continual advancement in social and mobile technology.

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Since its conception in 2016, OKMG has been solely responsible for the development and ongoing operation of software management system HIVO.

increase in conversions by 79.97%


HHIVO was created from an initial challenge to internally manage scheduled photo and video shoots using a database of professional photographs. As the project progressed, focus shifted to facilitating complete digital management of all assets produced from the scheduled shoots, and allowing the delivery of assets to clients in a seamless way over the internet.

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Initial intentions for HIVO was that it would serve as a resource database with end-to-end services for OKMG clients and job management tasks. As OKMG grew and the agency proactively engaged in discovery activities, other technology was integrated, creating numerous ways to locate required assets.

This involved the creation of multiple search filters such as by client, user, status, job, name, tag, type, date, colour, metadata.

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Amazon web services, google cloud, react.js, mongoDb

Outcomes & Benefits

  • Improved operational efficiency, which has seen the completion of over 5000+ jobs in 5 years.
  • HIVO is a live product with hundreds of users.
  • A highly intelligent system which combines job management, time tracking, a resource database, a digital asset library and video. collaboration, adobe integration, communication channels and auto-predicted tagging (Amazon Rekognition API).
  • Ongoing development of facial recognition capabilities.