Grocery shopping online, memories made fresh.


With a focus on creating a new revenue stream for a group of 13 IGA stores located in Perth and a positive e-commerce ROI, makes online grocery shopping a breeze! The design brief was to create a seamless shopping experience with a design that showcases the fresh and local produce that these IGA stores have on offer each and every day.

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An e-commerce grocery shopping experience that mirrors the exceptional customer experience in-store.

Industry Challenges & Opportunities

Where there are challenges, there is always opportunity and the online grocery sector is a great example of this. In the year to June 2017, specialised food stores grew by 2.1% despite a highly competitive and price driven trading environment with omnipresent competition from large international players now in the Australian market. 3.1% of shoppers bought groceries online in the last 4 weeks while 28.7% would consider buying online in the next 12 weeks.

Specific to online groceries, due to restrictive trading hours, Western Australian’s are among Australia’s biggest spenders with online supermarkets forecast to grow by 75.9% over the next 5 years. Western Australia accounts for 11.2% of total revenue from online grocery sales and has the second largest (ACT has the highest) online spend at $132.07 per person.

*Statistics are sourced from Australian Bureau of Statistics and IBIS World.

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Strategic Approach

OKMG initiated a digital transformation strategy, activating a new revenue stream via an online shopping experience supported by worldsmart and myfoodlink. IGA’s online store deployed across web, iOS and android app experiences. In addition to this, OKMG ideated a sophisticated inbound funnel spanning SEM, SMM and SEO acquiring new customers as well as a multi tiered email marketing strategy leveraging existing customer groups into loyal brand advocates via a series of value driven offers.

While grocery customers are largely value driven, they seek and will pay for quality where it is due. Leveraging brand pillars of quality, convenience and community, OKMG aligned brand development and digital transformation initiatives prompting a humanisation in the end to end digital shopping experience.

After a lengthy strategy period and in-depth business and sales analysis, OKMG identified a series of clusters to respond to a unique challenge of 13 stores, all with varying consumer needs and behaviour. The clusters now guide individual store strategy initiatives designed to increase average basket size across stores individually, to serve IGA as a whole.

Outcomes & Benefits

While the Australia wide market share of metcash sits at approximately 7%, the independent grocery market sector remains best positioned to achieve personalisation at scale by retaining authentic and local relationships with customers.

Tailored marketing offers for customers local IGA store, as well as partnerships with local suppliers and store managers being active in the local communities they serve are competitive advantages that can be leveraged online.

Giving IGA an edge online.

Facebook Marketing

The average user spends 1.5 hours on Facebook and other social media platforms each day. Our advertising combines delivering valuable branded messages to consumers at key moments they are likely to shop during the day, as well as general brand awareness campaigns that educate customers about the new online store experience. Look-a-like audience targeting as well as specific location and demographic audiences exposed to a mix of rich media gave customers access to community, convenience and quality, our 3 pillars expressed throughout the inbound funnel stages.

Google Ads & Google My Business

Yes, people do a lot of “supermarket near me” research about groceries on Google. We can now sell directly to these customers - online.

This combined with Google My Business listings across 13 IGA stores makes for a powerful digital footprint and an easy way for customers to find or get directions to their local IGA store.

High volume and high value keywords were targeted in order to activate and acquire customers demonstrating search intent in combination with rich media remarketing initiatives designed to expose new audiences to online shopping. Positive ROAS was achieved within the first two months of activation and key insights around behaviour lead to budget optimisation strategies further improving conversion rate optimisation.

Email Marketing

Two streams of email marketing were activated starting with automated drip campaigns engaging customers throughout the loyalty program signup and onboarding process.Secondly a hugely successful direct response campaign allowing customers to redeem value driven offers in store via PLU attribution. Ultimately both campaigns in unison close the loop on the journey towards customer advocacy and loyalty.


The future is bright for businesses open to digital transformation and expanding the number of touch points they have with customers as long as a mutual value proposition is top of mind. As with all digital transformation strategies, continues to evolve, grow and refine as new data and analysis comes to light based on customer behaviour and digital analytics. If you would like to discuss how OKMG can help your business with a digital or ecommerce strategy, get in touch with our team today!