Intense Health – Human Remastered

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Why were we engaged?

Intense Health took on the arduous task of redefining a disenchanted ‘Health and Fitness’ industry. With a revolutionary product and rapid plans for expansion across Australia, the client needed a brand that would grow and evolve as they did.

The system established by Intense Health (20 minutes of training, twice a week) met serious scepticism as it challenges everything that the mainstream ‘Health and Fitness’ industry feeds consumers.

To be respected as a legitimate, results driven program, Intense Health needed to remove the brands association with the industry all together and pave the way for a new movement.

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Ideas, execution and delivery

The Positioning Statement: Human. Remastered.

The Metaphor: The Modern Vitruvian Man.

The System: Interlude.

Intense Health have a great product; there’s no denying that. They have the exclusive license to the ARX range of fitness machines across Australia and NZ.

Taking an aimless position of, ‘Focus in the Moment’, we brought the consumer’s desires to the forefront of conversation, and rebuilt the brand’s market positioning through fresh campaign videos and a powerful tagline.

We knew that the audience of, time poor/price inelastic consumers, don’t define their lifestyles around the cookie-cutter definition of ‘fit and healthy’. With an empathetic approach towards consumer lifestyles, we removed the pretence of fulfilling a perfect figure- to driving your individual evolution.


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