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The Perth Brain Centre is WA’s most established clinic providing therapies to relieve a range of different brain based disorders. The growing conversation and research around brain based disorders has seen increasing interest in non-invasive and non-medicated treatment alternatives. Positioning them at the centre of this conversation, OKMG assisted PBC to create a sustainable growth plan and expand their digital presence.

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With growing public interest in alternative treatment options, Perth Brain Centre saw an opportunity to become the advocate for neurofeedback therapy. As a relatively new science, the lack of awareness surrounding Neuroplasticity became an obstacle for disrupting an already saturated, and topical industry of brain disorder treatment options.

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To become leaders in Neuroplasticity, we must first educate the public on what it is.


OKMG developed a strategic campaign that addressed public perceptions to inform communication objectives and creative content. OKMG designed and created a website that was informative whilst being simple to navigate. We then populated PBC's website and digital touchpoints with bright video, animation and photography to effectively explain the process and uses of Neuroplasticity. OKMG has been providing ongoing digital and creative work to PBC, significantly growing their customer base and confidently positioning them as the leading resource for treatment options and information on brain based disorders..

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Thought Leadership

Operating within an innovative industry, Perth Brain Centre had the opportunity to cement their position as thought leaders of brain based disorders and alternative treatment. OKMG worked with PBC to build a content release platform, Neuroknowledge, to host research articles and opinion pieces. This platform was a strategic opportunity to cement authority in the digital space Nationally, dominating the market prior to physical expansion of clinics.