Leading Australia in Lithium.


Pilbara Minerals has placed WA at the forefront of an emerging global lithium industry. Rapidly progressing from first drill hole to production in four years, Pilbara Minerals has secured their position as leaders in Lithium.

OKMG were engaged to refine and develop the Pilbara Minerals brand, ensuring their visual identity reflected the size and capability of an expanding organisation.

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Second largest Lithium producer globally.

Brand Design

Pilbara Minerals required a brand refinement that accurately reflected the size, capabilities and confidence of the innovative organisation, whilst being easily adapted to all existing and new collateral requirements.

Beginning with a refinement of logo mark, OKMG elevated the brand into a modern context with a new word mark, colour palette development and a creative device to connect all communication touchpoints.

This brand refinement informed the design of the annual report, physical activation material, ASX listing templates, project launch documentation, event and business collateral.

Annual Report

OKMG’s most significant engagement with Pilbara Minerals was the design of a fully customised, 100 page Annual Report. Working with the newly refined brand style guide, OKMG found opportunities to utilise the brand device, colour palette and font family to assist in displaying key company information.

The design and display of information is complemented through the application of original OKMG photography captured across Pilbara Mineral offices and working sites.

pls report magazine
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With a large and growing staff base across WA, Pilbara Minerals required a digital communication tool that would be branded, yet customisable for each use case.

For quick information dissemination, OKMG built a custom and reactive CMS template tool to digitally generate Pilbara Minerals branded newsletters.

This tool provides a locked template that can adapted for each individual use, facilitating new imagery and messaging when required.

second largest lithium producer in the world