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As part of an upcoming IPO, Primero required a refinement of brand and the creation of key communication platforms to ensure compliance and compatibility when listing on the ASX. Along with website redesign and build, Primero took the opportunity to refine their brand identity in alignment with a growing proliferation of branded collateral.

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Positioning Primero to speak to a global customer base.

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OKMG works closely with Primero's communications team to continually refine and proliferate the brand message while ensuring a global workforce adhere to a distinctive and modern design style guide. Leveraging visual elements as an opportunity to differentiate, we facilitated the expansion of an assertive brand identity. From our initial engagement, OKMG has worked in collaboration with Primero and it's corporate advisors via our custom built customer experience platform to apply the Primero identity to a multitude of collateral and communication touch points including: capabilities statements, signage and large scale collateral, responsive custom built website branded ASX announcements.

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As one of the most progressive and innovative companies producing lithium globally, a distinctive and consistent corporate image becomes increasingly important for competitor differentiation and attracting shareholder funds to facilitate further growth.

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