Live, learn, launch! Your guide to education in Perth.


StudyPerth is a member-based, not-for-profit organisation responsible for promoting Perth as a study destination for international students. Education is a huge industry for Australia and WA is falling behind. The ‘Understanding the International Student Experience’ report released by StudyPerth in 2018 instigated a shift in the way Perth promotes itself to international students. StudyPerth commissioned OKMG to create a digital library of video and photo assets from around Perth and Western Australia. This library (stored on the digital asset management system, HIVO) could be used to create multiple deliverables across their membership network which include all the major universities, bridging and training institutions around Perth.

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StudyPerth is the first point of contact for international students looking to live, learn and launch their careers in Perth.

The Challenge

Creating universal content. The content had to be engaging and dynamic while also flexible enough to be used for a variety of end products, for a global market.

Consider multiple international markets. StudyPerth has a unique challenge in its diverse target audience. From South America to Africa, China to India and everywhere in between, the international student market is rising rapidly at Australian education providers with growth in the double digits. The complexity arises from each region having its own idiosyncrasies, priorities and tastes.

Large scale. This photography and video production project was planned and completed in a 12 month period, with over 12 production days, to cover all the major campuses and Perth attractions. This amounted to approximate raw content totals of 12 hours of graded timelined footage, 2500 high resolution images and 67 re-purposed video edits.

Production Approach

Casting. From many applicants, there were 10 international students selected to take part in the project as brand ambassadors for StudyPerth, each student from a different international region.

Locations. The majority of production days were paired with a university or TAFE campus and several locations or local communities nearby. The goal was to highlight Perth’s tourist attractions from a students point of view, demonstrating a Perth student’s lifestyle.

Production. Each production day required ~1 month pre-production to arrange for the location approvals, coordination of talent availability and navigation of weather to only shoot on the best days. Due to the large group of talent, we kept the production team small, with a producer, video operator and a photographer. This allowed us to productively cover more ground in shorter time frames and capture more content each shoot day.

Delivery. HIVO is an game-changing Digital Asset Management software. The raw image and video files were exported in a graded timeline / high resolution versions and uploaded into the Library feature of StudyPerth’s HIVO account. On upload, these assets were then sorted into Collections and image-tagged within the Library, enabling any photo or video file to be quickly located or securely shared in the click of a button. This content was made available to StudyPerth members for external marketing use & re-purposing, removing the cost of capturing high quality content themselves.

“Built from the ground up, our asset library is now full of rich content produced by OKMG which we can and do use for anything and everything. It is seen as a highly valued tool for our members to have access to and allows us to repurpose content as required. OKMG understood what we were after from day dot and helped us capture the authentic student experience in Perth“ - Angela Beechey Senior Manager, StudyPerth

Cast & Crew

  • Project Director: Andy Shedden
  • Producer / Director: Reid Smith
  • Camera Operator / Editor: Fletcher Gardiner
  • Second Camera Operator: Michael Clark
  • Photographer: Lewis Catalano
  • Production Coordinator: Lara Stewart
  • Talent: International Students
  • HIVO Support: Will Kaye


  • Creating a huge royalty-free content Library of high quality, professional photography and video content showing locations across WA.
  • Initial video production cost commissioned by StudyPerth, and this huge value was passed on to NFP memberships.
  • Demonstrated use of the multi-purposed content through various channels for different markets by producing edit variations on HIVO in built video editor.
  • Connection to HIVO library on StudyPerth Website.
  • Library of 12hrs of timelined footage and 2500 high resolution images.