UWA Sport – Perception Challenge Campaign

UWA Sport Laboratory Shoot

Balance. Elite. Social. Compete.

UWA Sport is an organisation that firmly believes in enriching the lives of students (and others) through the range of activities, courses and programmes that it organises and endorses. Sport is often sacrificed by students venturing into a new stage of their lives, and let’s face it, there are a lot of distractions competing for students attention. Promoting regular opportunities for exercise, not only increases physical, but also supports positive mental wellbeing.

UWA Sport have their sights set on gold and saw an opportunity to partner with OKMG to engage 2018’s student cohort with a strategic gameplan.

Why were we engaged?

After a series of strategy workshops it became clear that UWA Sport knows their target market inside out, but were under pressure with the upcoming deadlines of first semester 2018. OKMG were engaged as a set of fresh eyes to fulfill UWA Sport’s intentions and create a hero campaign that started the new year with a bang.

The purpose of the campaign was to inform and excite new & existing students and challenge perceptions about UWA Sport. With such a broad audience with mass collateral reach, we were tasked with producing an annual brochure and concept that could carry a message throughout the entire year.

Ideas, execution and delivery

In order to challenge perceptions of sport at university, we had to find the positive intersection of sport and academia. Surface brainstorming brought together a lot of visually exciting ideas. We needed to find a concept with depth. We took a step back and aimed to understand the motivations behind each student and their potential to engage with UWA Sport.


UWA Sport Brochure


Drawing parallels from analyzing a customer life cycle at university, one motivation became clear. To apply oneself to different courses extended into what they wanted to get out of their gym. This led us to develop a strategic roadmap to base content on four key drivers:

Balance. Elite. Social. Compete.

Once this was agreed upon, we then let our creative content team loose to explore challenging perception in a visual form. Our strategists then coupled with our graphic designers to bring this concept to design & print. Using the intricacy of custom photo manipulation, device creation, colour palette formation, map design and font families.

The success of the brochure design has organically led the concept and content to be applied in all other print applications such as flyers, posters, digital communications and a 13m vinyl wall graphic in the UWA Sport office.

The UWA Sport brochure was presented to students at 2018 Orientation Day (O-Day).

* Please note the colours represented in this document are not reflective of the final print piece.





Graphic Design