Video Production: PICA – Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts

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Although often undervalued, Perth has a thriving arts and cultural scene boasting incredible talent and creativity. Operating in a niche space, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, aka PICA, required a way of getting their witty, alternative and often controversial voice to the public.
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Why were we engaged?

Amazing things happen when creatives meet. OKMG have established a long-term relationship with PICA. Creating promotional videos that embody the unique messages of performance and comedy projects across Perth. Ranging from event coverage to mini-online promo series. OKMG were engaged because of our collaborative approach to producing content and our shared investment in the arts.

Ideas, execution and delivery

Always driven by the underlying purpose of increasing performance awareness and ending in ticket sales. OKMG develop campaign video production concepts that visually engage and entice viewers.

Reckless Acts with Pony Express:

Creating anticipation for the upcoming Fringe acts, OKMG created a satirical mini-series that connected international artists by hopping into ‘vertical bed’ with Pony Express. Through using exaggerated graphic effects paired with ridiculous props and people. The Reckless Acts exhibition managed to overcome geographical borders to advertising upcoming acts.

Taking on a different speed for projects including ‘Project Xan’ and ‘Trigger Warning’, we focused on how mood and tension can be shaped through different filmic devices. Allowing the performance subjects to take front and centre, OKMG worked with artists to visually embody their artistic concepts and amplify their message.



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