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Born Creative. Raised Digital.

Our Expertise

OKMG is a digital consulting agency that provides innovative strategic advice and creative business solutions to generate lasting improvements in value for our clients. Our firm combines the expertise and discipline of business consulting with impactful creativity and cutting-edge technological know how. This multidisciplinary blend of skills allows us to advise on and create unique digital experiences that are agile, mobile, rooted in analytics, and built in the cloud.

Our Team

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Will Kaye

Managing Director
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Leon Downie

Creative Director

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Andy Shedden

Director of Operations

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Joseph Dunne

Software Engineer

Camilo Pestana

Software Developer
agency - team photo

Mathew Bowyer

Web Developer

Lewis Catalano

Senior Photographer
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Calum Cosgrove

Digital Strategist

Angelina Cheung

Digital Marketing Specialist
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Nick West

Graphic Designer
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Reid Smith

Production Director
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Fletcher Gardiner

Video Production & Drone Pilot

Ricky Santos

Content Creator (Melbourne)

Veronica Bienkowski

Account Manager