OKMG is a leading agency for web design and web development in Perth and Melbourne. Our expertise in Cloud Infrastructure Design, digital account auditing and setup, web development, software engineering, analytics and optimisation enables us to produce unique and customised platforms for clients.

Web Design and Development

A business without a website is a business without an identity. But that doesn’t mean anything goes; a website must serve as the ultimate platform and representation of your brand to ensure lifelong results.

We believe customisation is key, and OKMG’s highly talented creative and web design and development team in Perth and Melbourne work together to completely design, build and create content for your website that epitomises your brand’s unique identity and your customers’ needs.

We take user experience seriously, developing websites that are easy and enjoyable to navigate. Integrating elements such as 2D motion, video, animation and sound creates truly immersive experiences.

At OKMG, we ensure your brand has a digital presence that takes ownership over your industry space, driving revenue and credibility.

Digital Account Auditing & Setup

The digital revolution has seen markets increasingly operate online, and the future of the industry lies predominantly in this sphere. As a result, it’s vital that your business isn’t left behind.

OKMG offers digital account auditing and setup for businesses that are yet to establish their online presence and offers guidance with the future direction of businesses with existing online channels.

With outstanding knowledge in web platforms, Google Analytics, Google AdWords and more, OKMG ensures our approach is technically sound, works to discover new prospects and opportunities, and heightens user experience.

Analytics and Optimisation

Data science brings analytical rigour and statistical methods to measure quality, improve services, and model behaviour.

The possibilities that these insights and activities present can elevate your business to a significant degree.

Through considered analysis, OKMG finds ways to optimise processes to make them more effective.

Our service offerings include, but are not limited to, statistical and scenario modeling and data visualisation.

Cloud Infrastructure Design

OKMG works with its clients to build highly reliable and efficient solutions on Google’s Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. We leverage proven design patterns and principles originating from the latest schools of thought in Google and Amazon cloud engineering.

Our team designs Google and Amazon deployments that are reliable, secure and support the operation of these deployments in an accessible and cost-effective manner.

OKMG’s Cloud Infrastructure Design services include the following:
  • Infrastructure design for high availability, scalability, and maintainability.
  • Identification and implementation of optimisation methods and resources that help minimise cost.
  • Assessment trade-offs and decision making among Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services products.
  • Implementation of policies and procedures that minimise security risks, such as least privilege, auditing and separation of duties.
  • Implementation processes that minimise downtime, such as unit and integration testing, monitoring and alarming, incident post-mortem analysis, and production resilience testing.
  • Integration of cloud resources with on-premise infrastructure.
  • Implementation processes and technologies that help ensure business continuity in the event of a crisis or disaster.

Software Engineering

Through applying the principles of engineering to the field of software development, intangible structures with positive tangible effects can be built.

Our software engineers use well-defined scientific principles and procedures to deliver efficient and reliable software products.

OKMG has expertise in areas such as web application development, DevOps, technical leadership, architecture, continuous delivery, testing, and quality assurance.

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