OKMG’s innovative and wide-ranging marketing services make us a leading advertising agency in Perth and Melbourne.

We facilitate growth through Google Ads (Adwords), Facebook Advertising, SEO, SMM and email marketing for Perth and Melbourne businesses. Along with outdoor advertising, these digital efforts greatly assist in optimisation. A thoroughly organised team, OKMG is proficient in account management to ensure our clients are kept up to date with campaign timelines and developments.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Gone are the days when advertising was just about preaching to the masses. Digital marketing, rather, equips businesses with the ability to reach their target audience more directly and effectively.

SEM consists of paid advertisements that appear on search engine results pages such as Google. A highly efficient tool, it allows advertisers to capture its customers at the precise moment that they are ready to make a purchase.

As Certified Google Partners, OKMG is proficient in creating targeted SEM campaigns (Google Ads, formerly Adwords) that will drive traffic to your website, whether your business is based in Perth and Melbourne or anywhere in Australia. Through observing and adapting to customer behaviour, OKMG helps you with Adwords management that spreads your message to the consumers who matter most.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing and Management involves activities such as posting text and image updates, videos and other content in an effort to drive audience engagement on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Our approach is informed by consumer insights and cultivated through the alignment of brand identity with consumer interests, enabling the grounds to nurture customer and seller interaction.

The rich data that is made available through Social Media Marketing allows businesses to target their message towards specific audiences, meaning the opportunities are endless.

OKMG assists its clients with the effective application of Social Media Marketing towards a certain goal; whether that be to establish a presence on major platforms, create shareable content and ads, or harness brand loyalty.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a powerful digital strategy that directs new visitors to your website, allowing your business’ website to reach the millions of users who turn to search engines every day.

At the crux of effective SEO is a well-informed strategy. Being an SEO company in Perth and Melbourne, OKMG thoroughly considers keywords that are relevant to your industry, business, content you’re going to create and keywords being used by your competitors.

This enables us to deliver SEO that packs a punch by optimising your website and content.

But SEO is more than just keywords. Off-page factors such as link building and general web performance are essential to ensuring your website ranks in search engines.

We not only input the best practices for SEO success, we keep our finger on the pulse of developments by tracking, measuring and making changes along the way.

Email Marketing

In a media saturated world, the value that consumers derive from engaging and authentic communications can be the hook that sets a brand or business apart from other competitors in the market.

Email marketing enables marketers to reach a wide audience while still upholding the valuable components of traditional interpersonal communications.

OKMG approaches email marketing in a way that will add to consumers’ value perceptions by designing, developing and distributing email campaigns in a way that is interactive and customisable. This enables us to nurture new relationships and encourages existing customers to become brand advocates.

Marketing Account Auditing & Setup

Before we embark on planning a marketing strategy for your business, OKMG initiates auditing and account setup.

If your business is firmly established in the market, our extensive analysis and evaluation will fill in any cracks in your existing marketing plan.

If you’re just starting out, our strategic approach will capture the most important information that will propel your business down the track.

Account Management

Account management is integral to maintaining a successful and productive relationship between client and agency. Acting as a representative for the agency, account managers are responsible for collaborating with and finding ways to best champion a client’s thoughts and ideas.

As such, account management requires understanding a client’s key requirements and the direction they envision for their product or service. Based on these essential insights, OKMG is able to initiate a strategic approach to the conception and development of campaigns.

Analytics, Reporting and Optimisation

Ensuring your brand stands out from the crowd entails frequent changes and updates. This is especially important considering the fast-paced nature of the industry, which sees new trends emerge constantly.

Studying analytics, reporting on new developments, and seeking ways to optimise are crucial components to the exceptional marketing service we provide at OKMG

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