OKMG’s creative services comprise a full suite of offerings including the best video production, graphic design, animation, and photography in Perth and Melbourne.

We are also highly accomplished in providing an eclectic range of solutions that add-value to businesses, including Ideation and Brainstorming, User Interface Design, Copywriting and Virtual Reality.

Ideation and Brainstorming

Behind every successful brand and campaign are hours spent brainstorming, sharing, and swapping ideas.

OKMG creates the blueprint for success through working closely with our clients. An essential part of our process entails establishing what your business has to offer, its identity, and its direction for the future.

Collaboration across our multidisciplinary team and consideration of every touch point further helps to facilitate a creative and considered solution for our clients.

Graphic Design

Graphic design can make or break a brand. It demands the creation of a brand’s visual representation, the point of reference that can affect consumer memory and recall.

Aside from the creation of logos, design services extend across various assets and channels, such as the visuals on a website, business cards, flyers, billboards, lightboxes, and newsprint.

The visual representation of any brand across multiple assets must be timeless and built to last as the brand evolves over time.

As a result of these factors, OKMG approaches design projects by considering visual appeal that is strategy led and conceptual, ensuring that a brand will stand out from the crowd and resonate with its target audience.


Effective copywriting plays an integral role in the communication of a brand. It involves the creation of key messages that are central to a brand’s image and champion its product/service offerings.

Copywriting helps to summon positive feelings and associations about a brand, with the primary intent of increasing the chance of acquisition.

OKMG’s copywriting capabilities extend beyond just branding, but also includes content writing for print material, websites, and social media channels.

At the crux of quality copy and content writing across these mediums is the ability to persuade potential customers to trust and associate value with your brand, which will influence purchase intentions down the line. Once we establish what a business does, how they do it, and their unique selling proposition, OKMG is considerate in evaluating the needs of target consumers in order to write copy that is informative, purposeful and relevant.


When it comes to branding and campaigns, first impressions count. Our photography is imbued with the unique essence of our clients’ brands, bringing them to life and capturing the imagination of customers.

OKMG works with ASX listed companies on developing their corporate image as well as creative product shoots and editorial work. No matter the client, we focus on creating consistent imagery that conveys what makes a business unique and memorable. Considering that we live in an image-driven landscape, standing out from the crowd is a top priority.

We combine our exceptional expertise in photography with our platform HIVO, a national database of professional photographers. This enables us to seamlessly carry out photography and corporate photography services in Perth and Melbourne and anywhere in Australia.

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In an industry that has seen a significant shift towards visual communications, animated content naturally invites increased engagement.

The possibilities of motion graphics in 2D and 3D animation present new, exciting, and interactive ways to deliver information to your target audience.

Quality animation can capture an audience’s attention to a significant degree, inviting higher click-through rates on videos, boosting website conversion rates and share rates.

OKMG’s vast portfolio of clients benefit from our animation capabilities. With every client, we develop an appropriate tone and aesthetic that complements the purpose of the brand to create engaging animated sequences and animated assets for websites and social channels.

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Video Production

Strong production capability has never been more in demand due to the ways in which videos can propel a business’ image and purpose.

Video production for the purpose of marketing and branding does not only enable greater engagement, it also appeals to consumer needs for convenience.

In a flooded social marketplace, it is vital to establish your business through communicating your point of difference, or accelerating your brand by providing an entertaining and meaningful experience.

OKMG, an agency based in Perth and Melbourne, approaches video production and video marketing by creating a visual story that will connect your business services and culture with the interests of your target audience.

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User Interface Design

While eye-catching design is essential, it can’t offer value without meaning.

Every website and app must have a solid story and message in mind that aligns with the brand. From there, decisions are made about how to improve ease of use and incorporate interactive elements and responsive design.

OKMG always takes a customisable approach, shaping the execution of UI around your brand’s purpose, and the behaviors of your target audience to ensure it facilitates meaningful interaction.

We create multi-sensory experiences through a blend of photography, video, and sound to ignite interest and encourage exploration.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality places users ‘in’ an experience, such as another world or dimension. When harnessed effectively, VR has the ability to form a deeper connection between your brand and consumers.

Studies show that VR can improve brand recall. When embraced, VR allows users to transcend traditional channels such as print, tv ads and even social platforms, redefining how consumers experience and react to ads.

This presents limitless opportunities for brands to create experiences that are entirely their own and isn’t subject to interference.

The continued growth of VR capabilities heralds a new era of marketing and advertising. At OKMG, we leverage the endless possibilities of Virtual Reality to create memorable experiences that surpass the imagination.

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