As a full service digital marketing, consulting and branding agency in Perth and Melbourne, OKMG’s strategy services and team knowledge are extensive. Our strategy services are tailored to our clients particular requirements and cover the areas of value chain analysis, digital analysis and transformation, brand, campaign and communications strategy and user experience planning.

Brand Strategy

When consumers are in the active evaluation stage that takes place before acquiring a product or service, they make a judgement call regarding price and perceived value.

While business owners typically focus most of their time and energy on price, the perceived value that consumers derive from brands is arguably the most important factor to increasing company profits.

Brand strategy is what makes your business identifiable. In a saturated market, consumers value not what you sell, but why you sell it.

As a result, effective brand strategy involves seeking ways to provide value beyond the one-dimensional need for products and services.

Engaging in consumers’ functional, symbolic, and experiential needs creates the building blocks for success.

As a branding agency in Perth and Melbourne, OKMG leverages your business’ point of difference in a way that speaks to the interests and motivations of your ideal consumers. This builds a brand identity that reflects your culture and inspires your target consumers, transforming them into brand loyalists.

Campaign Strategy

Behind every successful campaign is a killer strategy.

At OKMG, our marketing pipeline comes back to content that goes beyond visual impact.

We work towards identifying your business goal and setting firm target metrics for your campaign.

Our approach considers each consumer touch point and identifies relevant integrated marketing activities and channels.

Through highly tailored and shareable campaigns, OKMG maximises your reach and creates campaigns that resonate, helping you to stand out from the crowd and beat the competition.

Communication Strategy

Now more than ever, communications is an integral part of marketing and advertising. With the shift in focus away from brand awareness to brand engagement, merely communicating to your customers is no longer an effective way to sell your brand. Longevity is rather ensured by communicating with customers as a way to foster interaction.

For communications to be strategic, it must align a brand’s vision, values and purpose to the interests of consumers.

To achieve this, OKMG takes the vision behind your brand to create precise and distinct messages.

But effective communications isn’t just about what is said; it’s also about how messages are delivered. We consider your audience, what they’re interested in, and where they can be found to drive meaningful communication of your brand.

Whether you require traditional print assets or a multi-channel campaign, OKMG are experts in determining the why, how, and what behind your brand’s communications strategy.

Digital Transformation

Work systems and procedures have changed enormously over the past couple of decades, leading to a transformation in the modern workplace, and consequent alteration of daily life for employees.

In direct response to this change, digital transformation is engineered to re-align new investment in technology processes and business models to more effectively engage digital consumers.

OKMG is highly adept at helping businesses facilitate a better work culture and embed more efficient practices. We offer advice in digital transformation, change management, and transitioning to new ways of working that will lead to the growth of your business.

User Experience Planning

User experience is integral to creating digital products that align with a business’ vision and meets user expectations. It seeks to improve the usability, accessibility, aesthetic and interactive elements of a website or mobile user interface in order to enhance satisfaction.

This multifaceted process is not without the creation of an effective plan that defines every aspect of user experience and what you hope to achieve.

OKMG’s capabilities in User Experience Planning covers user research, interaction, inclusive and service design, participant recruitment and facilities for usability testing.

Value Chain Analysis

OKMG’s value chain analysis services help our clients to strategise, with granular clarity, the primary business activities which contribute to creating additional free cash flows.

We then identify and advise on the prioritisation of value driving opportunities and the necessary action that will achieve an increase in brand differentiation, competitive advantage, and ultimately business growth.

OKMG works with its clients to put pen to paper on long term strategic growth initiatives which are backed by the necessary consultative support and functional implementation.

Digital Maturity Analysis

We often receive feedback that digital technology and emerging digital trends are disrupting the industry that our clients’ operate in.

One of the things holding our clients back from progressing into a necessary digital transformation is the lack of an industry-oriented roadmap which has the ability to combat digital disruption.

OKMG’s Digital Maturity Analysis services provide our clients with the necessary planning, tools, and guidelines that can be implemented throughout their digital transformation journey.

Our Digital Maturity Analysis services include:
  • Assessing the current state of where our clients are in their transformation journey;
  • Creating goals and plans, both short and long term, to move from their current state to a desired future state of digital maturity;
  • Creating goals and plans, both short and long term, to move from their current state to a desired future state of digital maturity;

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