Commercial interior design + aged care specialists.


MKDC envision a future where every business values the impact that interior design has on its people.

MKDC approached OKMG looking for a website that digitally translated their passion for their industry, team and clients. They didn’t want another cookie cutter template, they were after a bespoke platform that engaged and educated clients as to the value that they bring to the table on every project.

This website is the perfect collaboration of a digital design agency and an interior design company.

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Elevating human potential and wellbeing through innovative, strategically considered interior design.


Industry Challenges & Opportunities

MKDC have long been a dynamic organisation, leading innovation in the workplace and aged care design vertical. OKMG were faced with the challenge of unlocking the value of over 25 years of excellent client relationships and market leading project delivery in an intuitive yet informative digital interface.

Upon an extensive market research period, OKMG identified an opportunity in alignment with the client brief to create a design website empathetic to the end user that truly represented the people behind MKDC. It was clear the market was cluttered with portfolio sites lacking personality and devoid of useful information to a prospective client. We set about creating the most human centric digital version of MKDC, backed by the full support of the team.

Strategic Approach

From early discussions with company directors, we discovered that MKDC’s unique value proposition is their people and the way that the team co-designs with clients to deliver their award winning levels of design excellence and client satisfaction.

For us to produce a website that was an authentic representation of the organisation meant that we needed to hear from every individual team member as well as company directors. With a spear headed approach, we undertook creative workshops with management for higher level direction and then also met with the entire team to ensure that the external and internal perspectives were aligned.

We then dove deeper into MKDC’s process to ensure that this was clearly communicated throughout the site and visually presented in a custom interactive infographic. The result is a website journey that is engaging, and either converts to an enquiry form or improves brand awareness through thought leadership.

Website Design & Development

  • Retaining and heroing the best elements of existing brand.
  • Creation of new brand devices (arrows, crosses, dots, highlights) from client illustration.
  • Creation of a custom interactive infographic.
  • Presentation of various concepts interactive mockups in Adobe XD for selection.
  • Refined mockup from selection, with design of full site map, interactive buttons and animations.
  • Implementation of custom photography from photoshoot at office.
  • Expedited development of approved mockups in order to meet short deadline.
  • Copy & image placement in collaboration with copywriter Sarah Haslam - Polish & Punch.
  • Integration with HIVO Wordpress Plugin for image hosting & selection.
  • Delivery & launch in line with a Business News campaign.
  • Post-launch adjustments based on User Experience feedback and peer reviews.
  • Preparation for launch of a blog-section post launch.
  • Preparation of custom assets for MKDC to use on office signage.
  • Ongoing support and website assistance.
mkdc website on devices

Brand Video

It was really important for the video to capture the culture and humanity of MKDC, to shoe the people behind the work. Our processes started by establishing a desired style and approach to the video with the client. We settled on a series of interviews with key personnel to get various perspectives on what makes MKDC so unique and successful in delivering projects. We then captured detailed footage within their working environment to demonstrate the key points, which was further supported by using rendered footage from MKDC design projects.

The end result introduces the amazing team at MKDC, their professional process and the stella results they produce in an approachable and engaging way.

The new website is absolutely great and we are all very proud to share and direct people to it. Many thanks to you and your team and you have a great group of people working with you. We are so thrilled with the result.

Kathy Kusinski, Director.


The project launched in July 2020 with a huge push for brand awareness and thought leadership through industry advertising channels. MKDC is continually releasing insights and inspiration as articles through the website. The custom graphic assets were also utilised for office signage and to update the capability statement. All past content, new assets, brand assets & guidelines are now stored digitally in HIVO Digital Asset Management and available for instant recall in future design applications and advertising opportunities.

OKMG are incredibly proud to have been a part of this digital transformation.

Check out the website here: