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“Neuroplasticity is amazing! But how does one Google search “Neuroplasticity” if they’ve never heard of it and/or don’t know what it is? That was the challenge that Perth Brain Centre faced with marketing their services.”
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Why were we engaged?

With a strong, loyal customer base at their disposal, Perth Brain Centre was looking to expand their single clinic to three within Perth – and eventually multiple across Australia.

With their core service offering being Neuroplasticity, the biggest challenge was trying to educate an audience on the benefits of this treatment, without industry knowledge of this medication-free treatment. To address this, OKMG developed a strategy that would position Perth Brain Centre as the thought leader of the industry and use education as a tool for brand awareness.

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Ideas, execution and delivery

The Positioning Statement: Discover. Connect. Progress.

To become a thought leader within their respective industry, OKMG developed a two-tiered website; the core webpage to manage bookings and appointments, and NeuroKnowledge – a content platform dedicated to information and education. This platform was built as a resource that can reach across borders and can, therefore, expand alongside the physical clinics.

As a tool for educating the audience, OKMG produced a range of short informative videos and photography, shared via the Perth Brain Centre website with animation effects to address a complicated treatment in a simple and engaging way.

Along with this, we developed a digital marketing strategy inclusive of social media and Google Adwords, that tapped into common search terms surrounding the issues that Neuroplasticity alleviates.


Marketing and Brand Strategy

Website Design and Development



Video Production

Social Media Strategy and Marketing

Google Adwords

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